We Have Lift Off! The Montgolfier

Since seeing the Montgolfier balloon at the Science museum and discovering that was the first flight I’ve begun to become really interested in balloons.

I’ve thought about creating a balloon in spot weld wire and stretching fabric across – but thought it would show the frame too much. Or in paper mâché similar to their original balloon. Again though it becomes a mere copy.

I’ve started though work on a bronze hot air balloon. I’ve created a mould for the top and I’m carving the shape of the balloon by hand now out of the plaster core. This will then have the wax applied too it and ultimately become bronze.

The octagonal – almost Russian Constructivist balloon I really like. It’s sharp lines accentuate its form. Here is the finished result now in  a private collection in London.

We Have Lift Off! Bronze hot air balloon

We Have Lift Off!, Bronze, Private Collection

We Have Lift Off! - Bronze hot air balloon

We Have Lift Off! Bronze hot air balloon, Private Collection




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