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September 16, 2013


Chelsea College, 6 – 12 September 2013

Get ready before going to Chelsea’s MA show; bring water because you’re in for a long run. The show expands on 4 blocks, 9 floors and more space than you would expect.

The exhibition is a refreshing leap into the fictional part of Art, every detail seems to be created like an imaginary space mixing reality with fiction. Even with the obvious toilet sign placed on the door, one might still push the door with curiosity ‘is this really a toilet? Or is the artist playing tricks on us?’

The show featured a variety of talent from David Lane’s constructed cash points, fake Carphone Warehouse storefront’s plunder and satiric public monument, to Alex J Wood’s sculptures of what it appears to be transportation crashes.

Ken Malory’s life after rust of an object; bringing a beauty crafted by time and nature, alongside with Nia Lessard’s collection of fragments of lives; an organized time capsule of found objects, and Vanessa Hodgkinson’s museum of the future; focusing on being told how to think, and Zahra Jaan’s interpretation of mass consumption through her textile designs.

You feel the artists’ critic of today’s society, a wish to revolutionize it; bringing personal and intellectual influence in order to denunciate the reality of nowadays social and environmental struggles with an artistic and fictional approach.

It’s a delightful exhibition worth taking time to explore, and an interesting message and thoughts to process after it, giving a nice feeling for tomorrow’s art.

                                                                            Valentine Comar

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We Have Lift Off! Bronze hot air balloon

We Have Lift Off!
Bronze hot air balloon, Private Collection



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