Kerwebaum, Rockets, and Elwetritschemondfahrt at The Fourth International Artists Symposium, Villa Böhm, Germany

Below are some photographs of the works I made at the Fourth International Artists Symposium at Villa Böhm, Neustadt an Der Weinstraße, Germany,  hosted by Ralph Gelbert.

More information on the residency can be found here: and links to press articles and TV interviews here: Medien / Media


Lift Off!, Villa Böhm, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, 2017 (Photograph courtesy of Thomas Brenner)

Kerwebaum (The Christmas Tree on a pole!), Acrylic on canvas, 2017


Elwetritschemondfahrt (Elwetritsche trip to the moon), Paper, card, brass, wire, enamel paints and lead, 2017



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