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Kerwebaum, Rockets, and Elwetritschemondfahrt at The Fourth International Artists Symposium, Villa Böhm, Germany

Below are some photographs of the works I made at the Fourth International Artists Symposium at Villa Böhm, Neustadt an Der Weinstraße, Germany,  hosted by Ralph Gelbert.

More information on the residency can be found here: and links to press articles and TV interviews here: Medien / Media


Lift Off!, Villa Böhm, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, 2017 (Photograph courtesy of Thomas Brenner)

Kerwebaum (The Christmas Tree on a pole!), Acrylic on canvas, 2017


Elwetritschemondfahrt (Elwetritsche trip to the moon), Paper, card, brass, wire, enamel paints and lead, 2017



Air Review, Royal West of England Academy Bristol, Culture Calling

Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017

2 July 2017 | Laura Garmeson

Read the review here: or here as a PDF.


Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017 is on display at the Royal West of England Academy until 3 September.


Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017

I’m delighted to be exhibiting in ‘Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017’ from June 16 to September 3 at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol.

Debris chasing Orion, 2017

Debris chasing Orion, 2017

This major exhibition of historic and contemporary art traces the tradition in British art of finding inspiration in the air around us and skies above us.

Air explores how our interest in air and the sky has affected the work of British artists stretching across four centuries, encompassing representations of breath, the effects of the wind, and flying creatures (both real and imaginary). The exhibition includes loan works by JMW Turner RA, John Constable RA, Eric Ravilious, Christopher Nevinson ARA, Sir John Everett Millais PRA, Samuel Palmer, Paul Nash and Dora Carrington, alongside work from leading – and exciting emerging – contemporary artists including; Liz Butler, Annie Cattrell, Mat Chivers, Peter Ford RWA, Freya Gabie, Neville Gabie, Dryden Goodwin, Polly Gould, Jemma Grundon, Luke Jerram, Janet Haigh, Stephen Jacobson RWA, Helen Jones, Janette Kerr PPRWA, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Ian MacKeever RA, Bridget McCrum RWA, Mariele Neudecker, David Pelham, Peter Randall-Page RA RWA, Berndnaut Smilde, Kate Williams and Alex J Wood.

Starting in the late eighteenth century Air charts the public’s fascination with experiments with air (including the development of air balloons), before progressing on to the industrial revolution, which introduced the concept of air pollution. The nineteenth century embraces intensive studies of clouds (newly classified by meteorologists), whilst the twentieth century encapsulates our wartime pre-occupation with aeroplanes and the intriguing trails they left upon the skyscape. Later works consider the physical possibilities of flight which shifted our perceptions of the landscape as aerial photography expanded our view of the earth from above.

Contemporary work introduces new environmental issues, making reference to climate change and air-borne disease, in addition to exploring air as an integral component to the process of making. Artists consider the relationship between art and science, combining painting, photography, sculpture, installation and film, to demonstrate how air is everywhere: essential to all our lives.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a beautifully illustrated publication, including explorative essays, artist texts and images, published by Sansom and Co. available to purchase at the RWA RRP £20.

An accompanying Symposium Breath, Flight and Atmosphere: The Theme of Air in British Culture organised with Oxford Brookes University will take place on 26 June 2017 at the RWA.

Exhibition concept by Stephen Jacobson RWA and co-curated by Christiana Payne, Stephen Jacobson RWA and Gemma Brace.

Air is sponsored by Meade King Solicitors and supported by Royal Commission for the exhibition 1841. The educational workshops have been supported by My Future My Choice, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Bristol Airport

Photos of the exhibition are below, courtesy of Alice Hendy.

The Rocket Garden

Acrylic on canvas, 20 × 30 cm, 2017

On show at Wall Space Gallery in “That Blitz Mentality” at 607 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036. The exhibition is open daily until Saturday 29 April at the times below:

Monday to Thursday 11 am – 6pm, Friday & Saturday 11am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm and by appointment.


‘Celestial’ by Alex Wood is a sculpture where at first you don’t know what to expect.  My initial thoughts of the venue comprising a complex of office spaces albeit it very pleasant might limit the imagination. This was certainly not the case with ‘Celestial’ which literally causes the spirits to soar. I particularly admire the organic quality which is akin to a crumpled Autumn leaf in delicacy but has the fluidity the beautiful bronze patina offers as it rises from the plinth skywards. It works so well in the space because of the relative nearness of the buildings which acts as a backdrop but in observing ‘Celestial’ the eye is drawn along and up into the sky above: perfect. I would think the office workers nearby benefit greatly from munching on their sandwiches within sight of this lovely uplifting work as well as the public passing through. No doubt visitors to the offices are taken aback by the grace and energy ‘Celestial’ exudes. The flowers have grown around its base and the passages of the day simply caress and shape its colours rather like watching clouds flow across a mountain range. 
Elizabeth Grant BA (Hons), MSc

Creative Intelligence Consultant & Trustee Director at The Foundation for Essex Arts Ltd

Every cloud has a silver lining

Pewter and readymade airplane,
20 × 18 × 16 cm,

Pulse Art Fair Miami with New Art Projects 

I recently exhibited at Pulse Art Fair in Miami with New Art Projects in a Conversations booth with Hedley Roberts.   Below are some installation shots of the booth.

Rocket! - SPACE SERIES #7, Watercolour, 29.5 x 21cm, 2016, Private Collection

Rocket! – SPACE SERIES #7, Watercolour, 29.5 x 21cm, 2016, Private Collection

Rocket! – SPACE SERIES #7, Watercolour, 29.5 x 21cm, 2016, Private Collection

Young Contemporary Talent at the Cello Factory, curated by The Ingram Collection 

I’m excited to have been selected for the Young Contemporary Talent exhibition curated by The Ingram Collection, which opens on Wednesday 16 November at The Cello Factory (35 Cornwall Road, Waterloo. London SE1 8TJ). #yctprize2016 #sculpture #bronze #london

International Space Station (Tiangong) Patinated verdigris bronze, 22W X 34H X 18D CM Photograph above courtesy John-Paul Bland (

International Space Station (Tiangong) Patinated verdigris bronze, 22W X 34H X 18D CM Photograph above courtesy John-Paul Bland (

Internationals Space Station, Patinated bronze, 2014 Photograph courtesy, Simon Jacobs © Licensed to 18.10.16 London

Internationals Space Station, Patinated bronze, 2014 Photograph courtesy, Simon Jacobs © Licensed to 18.10.16 London

Inception, 46 Gt Titchfield Street

Press Release
Inception is a term often referred to as the beginning. This group exhibition marks the inception of an artistic and cultural exchange, which is a new initiative to promote emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from Britain and China. The curator has an interesting outlook on the complexity of the global environment. The current time presents ample opportunity to explore in the creative and cultural industries.

Right now is the golden age of our time to explore, collaborate and have fun. Art forms an important element in our modern society. The dialogue between different cultures and artistic backgrounds can often inspire greater creative process along the way. That is the message we intend to share with the wider global community.

At this exhibtion, a selected group of contemporary artissts from China and Britain will share their artistic views with the audience.

46 GREAT TITCHFIELD STREET, W1W 7QA. The nearest tube station is Oxford Circus.

Private View:
Live music by Cristian Anton and Lani Cucliciu
7.30pm on Friday 4th November


Too Fast To Think at the Supreme Court of the UK

Tuesday 18 October – “Too Fast To Think” Book Launch at the Supreme Court UK, London

It was great exhibiting some of my sculptures at this event for the book launch of Too Fast To Think by Chris Lewis.

Photographs courtesy, © Licensed to 18.10.16 London, UK.Chris Lewis, Too Fast to Think book launch at The Supreme Court, London, UK.FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE.Photo credit: Simon Jacobs

Photographs courtesy, © Licensed to 18.10.16 London, UK.Chris Lewis, Too Fast to Think book launch at The Supreme Court, London, UK.FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE.Photo credit: Simon Jacobs

The Towering Crane

‘The Towering Crane’, Patinated bronze, 110H X 55W X 50D CM, 2016 

The Towering Crane is a new bronze over a metre high which seemingly balances in a state of peril, it looks as if it could have been on the moon for thousands of years slowly melting into the ground. The blue, green and black patina emphasises and highlights various areas. Its scale is emphasised by the new purple patinated bronze bi-plane Jumbo

Edited FinalEdited DetailIMG_0660


Patinated bronze,
9 X 8 X 6 CM, 2016

96% Visible

I am exhibiting in ‘96% Visible’ an exhibition which opens on Tuesday 24 May 6-8.30PM at the Menier Chocolate Factory, 53 Southwark Street.
The show then runs everyday until Saturday 28 May.

Celestial – Picton Art Prize Unveiling Ceremony

Photographs from The Picton Art Prize Unveiling, 27 April 2016 of ‘Celestial’, Patinated bronze, 250 X 200 X 120CM, 2016
Photos courtesy of Jasper Fry, Nick Hornby and Cheryl Papasian
Cast at London Bronze Casting

State Magazine Feature

I am currently featured in  ‘STATE/f22’ Magazine Issue 21,  which is available now at Mayor Gallery Cork Street, Jonathan Ross Gallery 286 Earls Court Road & ART 16 at Kensington Olympia fair as well as numerous other galleries.


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February’s Most Talked About Exhibitions

Great being included in Londonist’s recent reviews of February’s most talked about exhibitions:

‘Secret Agents And Protests: February’s Most Talked About Art Exhibitions’,

Alex J Wood: Lift Off at New Art Projects
The first exhibition we’ve seen at this space features Alex Wood’s sculptures based around flight. There’s some fun and surreal works as a space shuttle is weighed down by a bronze parachute and a zeppelin hangs off Big Ben. Until 19 March, free.

Tabish Khan at the Londonist, (


Picton Art Prize & Rockets in Venice Series

I just heard I’ve been Shortlisted for The Picton Art Prize whilst In Venice looking at the Biennale

Below are images of the Newspaper Rockets I’ve been creating installed throughout Venice.


Patinated bronze
11.5W X 51H X 11.5D CM


Antares Patinated bronze 11.5W X 51H X 11.5D CM, 2015

Patinated bronze
11.5W X 51H X 11.5D CM, 2015

Antares Patinated bronze 11.5W X 51H X 11.5D CM, 2015

Patinated bronze
11.5W X 51H X 11.5D CM, 2015


Home Bodies

Home Bodies

Home Bodies Exhibition


Artists Paul Coombs, Bex Massey and Alex Wood come together in Necole Schmitz’s first curatorial project, Home Bodies.  The exhibition reflects on the impact domestic spaces have on memory, the way one exists in these spaces as well as the impact future events have on the importance placed on these recollections.  As Freud states in The Uncanny:

Our childhood memories show us our earliest years not as they were but as they appeared at the later periods when the memories were aroused…And a number of motives, with no concern for historical accuracy, had a part in forming them, as well as in the selection of the memories themselves. (p. 322)

The artists will take this presupposition as a starting point to create works specific to the iconic Balfron Tower, examining the truth of Freud’s conjecture by contemplating how memories are formed and whether these personal mythologies and stories are underpinned by images of the domestic spaces in which they occurred.  The artists will also take into consideration Balfron’s history as part of the high rise solution to the post-war housing crisis in light of its recent transformation from a private to a public cultural space.

Chinese Views

Chinese Views, is a limited edition artist book published in 2015 with hand drawn illustrations.

Graf Zeppelin in The Forbidden City

Graf Zeppelin in The Forbidden City



Tiananmen Square with ISS coming into view

Tiananmen Square with ISS coming into viewTiananmen Square

Shanghai view from The Bund

Shanghai view from The Bund – And the new tower emerging…

Touch Down

Touch Down

Out of Control

Out of Control

Slick (A Sandcast Bronze)

Slick (Definition: Smooth, Glossy & Slippery like Ice).

A 15kg bronze, polished complete with the ball bearing sized droplets from when it was poured represents the Oil we all use… Its appearance is suggestive of an oil slick on water, yet juxtaposed against the bronze is a low-fi model I created of the monumental Titanic. Perched precariously on top the card model crashes into the slick bronze slab creating a contrast of materials, suggesting something may happen at any moment…


SlickSandcast bronze

Sandcast bronze

Slick (Detail)

Slick (Detail)

Slick (Detail)

Slick (Detail)

Slick (Detail)

Slick (Detail)