Japan Blog & Tokyo Residency

In April I was one of six students from Chelsea Camberwell and WImbledon selected to travel to Tokyo Wonder Site. I created a blog of my time there which can be accessed here      (www.tokyoalex.wordpress.com)

University of the Arts London also featured me on their blog, and their article can be accessed here.

I worked with Cheryl Papasian on a collaboration titled Tokyo Two which culminated in a limited edition book (available here), and featured in the Cookhouse exhibition and also at Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama.

Pagoda, Bronze

Bronze pagoda – Kinkaku-Ji

Successful And Inspiring Tokyo Residency

From the Chelsea UAL Website: MA Fine Art student Alex Wood and a number of other CCW (Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon) students have now returned from a truly wonderful experience with Tokyo Wonder Site where Alex won himself a residency.

Tokyo Wonder Site residents worked along with other CCW students as an artist group called Down the Dori hosting an exhibition of sound, performance, sculpture, photography and installation.

Alex and his fellow students engaged in a close look at the fascinating Japanese culture including looking at the architecture of ancient pagodas which are joined together without using nails to the earthquake proof  Tokyo Sky Tree, which is the tallest tower in the world and second highest building after the Burj Khalifa. Japanese food, ceremony and retail outlets such as Tokyo Hands all caught the attention of our students and in particular Alex who has blogged about his experience so you can be transported to Japan through his words and photos.


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