Picton Art Prize Catalogue 

The Picton Art Prize Catalogue featuring ‘Celestial’ cast by London Bronze CastingCatalogue designed by Everything In Between (www.e-i-b.com)

‘Celestial’ by Alex Wood is a sculpture where at first you don’t know what to expect.  My initial thoughts of the venue comprising a complex of office spaces albeit it very pleasant might limit the imagination. This was certainly not the case with ‘Celestial’ which literally causes the spirits to soar.

I particularly admire the organic quality which is akin to a crumpled Autumn leaf in delicacy but has the fluidity the beautiful bronze patina offers as it rises from the plinth skywards. It works so well in the space because of the relative nearness of the buildings which acts as a backdrop but in observing ‘Celestial’ the eye is drawn along and up into the sky above: perfect.

I would think the office workers nearby benefit greatly from munching on their sandwiches within sight of this lovely uplifting work as well as the public passing through. No doubt visitors to the offices are taken aback by the grace and energy ‘Celestial’ exudes. The flowers have grown around its base and the passages of the day simply caress and shape its colours rather like watching clouds flow across a mountain range.

Elizabeth Grant BA (Hons), MSc
Creative Intelligence Consultant & Trustee Director at The Foundation for Essex Arts Ltd