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Oil Rig or Platforms

I have begun to create oil rig type structures or ‘platforms’, exploring the idea that they could become redundant in the future, and also an awe of their intricate structure. They are colossal and most are decommissioned. However some are for sale:

“Well-maintained 20-room platform for sale. Panoramic sea views and a Heli deck.”

“If it is not purchased, the North Sea drilling platform will have to be decommissioned and disassembled by the current owners.”

This really interests me, and I have begun to create kinetic models using low-fi materials. Combined with the low-fi materials are also bronzes, and fine porcelain with gold lustres and gilded elements. It creates a juxtaposition between the materials.


Porcelain and Gold

Wood and Bronze



‘PLINTH TOWERS’ – PG Dip ‘Final, Final’ Show. July 2012. Chelsea College of Art, London

Installation Photographs of my PG Dip ‘Final Final’ Show at Chelsea

‘Oil Rig’ and ‘Cubed’ Bronze

Bronze Sculptures, featured in ‘Plinth Towers’
Pg Dip Final Final Show, Chelsea College of Art, London. July 2012.