‘Time Flies’, at Tension Exhibition

I am showing a new sculpture Time Flies at Tension, an exhibition at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks, Kent.
The work combines a scale model card kit Big Ben and a paper Zeppelin, based on the British R34 Zeppelin and a story I recently heard of the R101 flying over Fleet Street, directly above the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub.

You can read a review of the Exhibition on the AN website written by David Minton, at http://www.a-n.co.uk/interface/reviews/single/4243197

“In Alex Wood’s ‘Time Flies’, it has flown; absence and loss infuse the piece. A model of Big Ben lies on a shelf. From it is suspended a model (or are they toys?) Zeppelin (R34) with RAF roundels; they wait vainly in palpable silence for the child’s return. Notions of model and toy echo distinctions – tensions even – between art and non- art objects, concept and form, the possibilities of objects. “


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